10 Thoughtful Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas


10 Thoughtful Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas

Do you want something more thoughtful and alternative than a boxed beauty set to give your loved ones this Christmas?

I’ve gathered a selection of beautiful, alternative, natural or spiritual Christmas Gifts all online right here, to save you from fighting the crowds.

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  1.  An alternative gift that will be used and appreciated is a Home Blessing Kit.  To keep the energy of your home clean and bright and support your hearth to be a welcoming, nurturing space.

This lovely Home Blessing Kit contains herbs for cleansing and blessing, a shell in which to burn the herbs, a feather to move the smoke where it is needed, a sweetgrass braid and some lovely incense.

Many cultures consider certain plants to be sacred, and to have special properties that can help us.

This Home Blessing Kit contains dried white sage (salvia apiana) – a plant which is particularly good at clearing negative energies, and sweetgrass – with a divine scent that brings a beautiful, positive energy.

Cleansing with sacred herbs is both a practical and sacred ritual, combining the energies of the 4 daughters of beauty or the 4 elements.

The plant represents the Earth element. Included is both a 25g bag of leaves and a bundle tied into a smudge stick with cotton thread. The leaves, or the bundle, are placed in the Abalone Shell.  This a very pretty shell with flashes of rainbow colour, which represents the Water element. They are then burned, and transformed into cleansing smoke. This represents the Fire element. The smoke itself, and the Wild Turkey feather represent the element air.

 May your hearth be clear and bright, and filled with many blessings.


Sue Weaver, the creator of this kit is my Crystal Teacher and has over 25 years experience in Crystal Healing.  To read more about Sue Weaver’s method for smudging her home click here

Cost: For a Home Blessing Kit is £19  Or Small Home Blessing Kit £9 (25g white sage OR white sage bundle, abalone shell, wild turkey feather)    Click Here For Sue Weavers Crystals Facebook Page To Order

2.  For an alternative to High Street mass produced jewellery,  handmade Crystal Jewellery from Iris Bluebird 

Sparkle and shine this Christmas, with Natural Clear Quartz Crystals on a hand twisted White and Ice Blue thread.

Clear Quartz is also known as the “master crystal” as it can be programmed to bring a desired outcome.  Try meditating with these Quartz Crystals.  Focus your attention on achieving your goal, then wear the Crystals daily.  Quartz lifts your energy, brings clarity of thought and purpose (Ahsian 2005).

£18 plus postage.  Last Order Date before Christmas is 20th December.  Click Here To Order


3. Gorgeous Goddess Art , the perfect alternative gift for the Goddess in your life.  This would make a lovely addition to your altar. 

Enter the Woman – this fertility goddess is one of a series of mini-canvasses inspired by the divine feminine.

£19.50 Last order date before xmas: Tuesday 20th December Click Here To Order


4. Infuse your home with beautiful Christmassy scents using hand crafted Beeswax and Soy Wax Melts from Bumble and Bean.  Scent evokes memories, so this alternative gift will be always be remembered. 

Christmas fragrances for wax melts and wax melts gift sets are Christmas Pudding, Cranberry Delight, Frosted Pinecones, Jack Frost, Mulled Wine, Orange Pomander, Oriental Fig and Snow Angel.

Last order date in the U.K is 19th December.  Click here for Bumble and Beans Facebook page, and message Karen to order online.


5.  A  Winter Spice Herbal Tea set would make a perfect alternative gift for any health conscious herbal tea lover.  Thea, owner of Nurture Mama has a BSc in Herbal Medicine and has an ETSY store filled with gorgeous nurturing treats.  These include a New Mama Gift Box, Soothe and Calm Rescue Mist (I’ve just bought this), Happy Room Mist and more. 
1x pure cobalt blue tea cup
1x Winter Spice tea 30g
1x Tea Infuser Ball
Gift wrapped with beautiful herb illustrated tissue paper and natural brown paper.
Star Anise 



Last order date before Xmas is 14th December. Click here for Nurture Mamas store

6. Everyone needs a Beautiful Calendar to plan the year ahead.  My favourite is always Spiritual Artist’s Annie b.’s .  

Annie b.’s beautiful ‘ Art from the Heart ‘Calendar for 2017 is now available.   Each month has a different image and positive affirmation for you to enjoy, and it makes a perfect gift for Christmas.

 I like to cut out and frame the pictures afterwards…

£12.99 plus postage Click Here To Order 

Alternative Beautiful Art From The Heart 2017 Calendar

7.  Crystal Bath Salts.  Everyone loves a long hot soak in the bath. Adding Crystal Bath Salts that have been charged in a Crystal Grid = heaven for any worn out body.  Lovingly created by the wonderful BeeBee of Crystal Dreams.  

100% natural, Himalayan Bath Salt, Epsom Salts, Bicarbonate of Soda, Rose Petals, Crystals (Rose Quartz & Amethyst), and the most divine, 100% pure Lavender Essential Oil or 100% natural, Himalayan Bath Salt, Epsom Salts, Bicarbonate of Soda, Rose Petals, Crystals (Rose Quartz & Amethyst), and the most divine, 100% pure Egyptian Rose Oil <3. These are charged inside a gorgeous grid of Rose Quartz and beautiful Roses

Small jar: 430 grams (net weight 220 grams approx) £8 

Large jar: 1.1kg (net weight 700 grams approx) £20


Alternative Crystal bath Salts

Last order date before Xmas is 20th December Click Here To Buy

8.  A Gorgeous Fairy book.  Fairies are most definitely for grownups too.  This would make an alternative and well loved gift for adults and children alike.

Glitter and Earth: Tales of Magic and Wonder is a contemporary, quirky and original fairy book.

The 20 illustrations are accompanied by short stories/poems that open the door to a world of wonder.
Have you ever wondered why the sock fairy steals your socks? Or who the tooth fairy really is?
This is your chance to meet some elusive fairies and learn a little about them.



Jacqueline has said she will sign copies if you message her,and offer free shipping if you use the code Irisbluebird on ordering.  Click here to order 

9.  The Gift of A Peaceful Home, is something we all would wish for.  The lovely Emma from Manifest Your Destiny with Emma has created a Ready Made Crystal Grid as an alternative way to achieve this. 
**Christmas Limited Edition**
Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Frame – Family Blessings
Christmas is a time to spend with family and loved ones. Time spent with your family
is a blessing and where memories are made. This grid has been designed with this
in mind.
The crystals used in this sacred geometry crystal frame combine to fill your home
with protection for your family and your home. Plus act as a barrier from negative energies.
Best of all, it infuses the crystal energies of rose quartz, citrine, and carnelian to fill
your space with love, warmth and happiness. Perfect for this special time of year.
Alternative Christmas Crystal Grid
Crystal Grid Frame size 9×9  £27  Last Order Date before Xmas 5th December Click here to order.
10.  The alternative healer in your life will LOVE a Sabda Reiki Tuning Fork.  Their creator Jane, has an amazing story on her calling to make these- I hope to share it one day!

Sabda Reiki is a non-intrusive, relaxing and gentle treatment suitable for everyone.

Sabda means Sound and Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. These two healing modalities come together in the form of tuning forks and chime pipes, whilst incorporating the Reiki healing symbols, giving the recipient a powerful but gentle treatment of Sound and Reiki healing. 

This set of four tuning forks consist of Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Dai Ko Myo. They are suitable for anyone to use and we’ve found these to be really popular with children too! They love to play them and listen to the tones. Our dogs, Bramble and Holly love them too and are always up for a bit of a treatment and relaxation time!

 We have found those attuned to Reiki connect on a deeper level with these tuning forks, and we have Reiki Practitioners as well as other therapists using them with fantastic results.

I can confirm that children really do love these- my younger two love giving me “healing” with ours.

Set of four Sabda Reiki tuning forks, mallet, pouch and explanation cards £120.00 plus £2.50 postage UK only

One tuning fork (please state which one you would like) pouch, rubber striker and explanation card £35.00 plus £1.99 postage UK only

Last order date before Christmas Friday 16th December 2016 Click Here To Order


I hope you’ve found plenty of inspiration for your Christmas Gift buying.  All of these gifts support small businesses, and are created with so much love and care.

 I will be sharing this with everyone in the hope they will buy something for me from this list!  Please share with everyone who you think would appreciate any of these gorgeous gifts (or buy them for you).

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Lots of Love and Crystal Blessings

Iris Bluebird

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PS Click here to Download for FREE “Which Crystal Shall I Choose” A guide for parents.

Which Crystal Shall I Choose?



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