10 Magical Christmas Gift Ideas For Children


10 Magical Christmas Gifts for Children.

We all want to make Christmas magical for our children.   Often Xmas brings way too much stress and anxiety, about what to buy, and what to suggest to our lovely family members to buy for them.  

If you are a conscious shopper, and love Green, Alternative, Natural, Ethical, Handmade and Spiritual gifts, you know that these aren’t always available on your average High Street.                

It is harder for family members who are used to High Street shopping to find such gifts.  I want to make this easy for all, so  I’ve searched far and wide, to create a list of delightfully different gifts that will be loved, and appreciated by both children and parents alike.  Almost all these ideas support small family businesses in the UK.


1. Play Silks.  Play Silks are beautiful, versatile and provide hours of open ended play.  I have a set of custom dyed Seasonal Silks  that I use for our Season Table from the talented Sarah of Arwen makes.  Her most popular design is her Rainbow Gradient Silk, and it’s easy to see why.  Last ordering dates for the UK is the End of November. Click here for Arwen Makes Store 


Rainbow Gradient Playsilk by Arwen makes
Rainbow Gradient Playsilk by Arwen makes


2.  An Amber and Crystal necklace, anklet or bracelet.  Amber has a gorgeous energy for children, and it can be combined with Crystals that bring a myriad of benefits.  There are crystals for confidence, concentration, soothing and calming, nightmares and protection and more.  I have a guide called “Which Crystal Shall I choose?” that can help you create your own individual piece, or a section of ready made designs in my shop.




3.  Custom made Clothing.  My children all have their individual styles, and I like to buy them good quality handmade clothing that they love to wear.  Our favourite maker is Liz from Dark Star Designs.  She has a vast selection of fabric to choose from – my children especially love her Toothless fabric.  You can message her with your requests – she always has something that is perfect.  Plus she has lots of ready to go clothing if you need it fast. Click here for Dark Star Designs Store 



Fabric: Moon Gazing Hare Pattern: Hi Low Dress Model : Pru Photographer: Kirsty Hopley over at Schoolhouse Photography


4.  A Story that will be treasured.  My children love Annie B’s gorgeously illustrated book “The Hare and The Wise Old Apple Tree” .  A heart warming story of how an old apple tree befriends a lonely, sad hare, and helps him see that things are always changing and that having an open heart and gratitude really can make life beautiful. Last order date before Christmas is December 20th, and the price is £7.99   Click Here To Order 


The Hare And The Wise Old Apple Tree
The Hare And The Wise Old Apple Tree


5.  A membership or a day out.  Most families are overwhelmed with physical “stuff” and struggle to find spare money for days out.  A membership to the National Trust, or a local attraction, would give the family many hours of pleasure and memories to be treasured. We are so lucky to have both the Eden Project and the Lost Gardens of Heligan on our doorstep, and have enjoyed many happy days out there.


Dinosaurs at the Eden Project


6.  A fairy door.  We all love a little bit of magic in our lives.  Imagine the excitement of having real fairies living in your house or garden.  A beautiful maker and artist who makes bespoke fairy doors is Sarah Gordon.  She sells through a Facebook group called Gorgeous Grids (she also makes Crystal grid bases), just click here to request to join.  Order by early December for yours to arrive before Xmas 




7.  A garden in a box.  Growing food or flowers with young children is hugely rewarding. One of my children doesn’t eat fruit or vegetables, but will happily munch peas or strawberries that we have grown.  Often young families are full of intention about doing this but short on time.  So a garden in a box- that arrives all ready to plant in your garden is a truly wonderful gift.  I love Rocket Gardens boxes.


8.  A Grimm’s Rainbow.  No natural/alternative family home is complete without one of these beauties.  They’re used as tunnels, animal and pokemon homes, stacked in amazingly creative ways and more by my children. And they last forever.  Ours is from Myriad https://www.myriadonline.co.uk/product/rainbow-tunnel/


9.  An aromatherapy diffuser.  It might sound boring- but it isn’t!  My children LOVE ours-  it changes colour and they simply won’t go to sleep without it.  I add Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils to ours to help us all sleep.  Neal’s Yard make gorgeous ones- Jen a Neal’s Yard Independent Consultant recommends the Soto Aroma Diffuser – which acts as a mini humidifier too.  These cost £50 and the last date for Christmas orders is December 14th.   You can order with Jen by clicking here .  



10.  A Crystal Angel.  Having a beautiful Crystal Angel to watch over your child as they sleep, is a really lovely addition to their bedroom. My favourite places to buy Crystals – where I know they always of exceptional quality and energy- are Crystal Dreams and Heaven and Earth crystals.


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Lots of Love and Happy Christmas Shopping!!

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