The Beautiful Bedtimes With Crystals E-Kit

How to: transform your energy, and the energy of your home and family around bedtime.  

Seeking parents looking how to work with the energies of Crystals to create a calm, loving, peaceful and relaxed bedtime.

Dear Mama, Papa, Grandparent or anyone who takes care of a child.

If you’re reading this, you may be finding bedtimes in your family challenging.

Maybe you’ve read all the parenting books and tried all the latest “techniques” going. You know exactly how you’d like bedtime to go. 

But you’re just too stressed, tired and lacking in patience to be the parent you want to be at bedtime.

By evening time you’re exhausted, and have no patience left. 

You just want everyone to go to bed, so you can sit down and relax or get a few jobs done. Your children however don’t want to go to bed. They fight every step of the way, with each other, with you, with your partner. 

You wish you could be calm and patient, and start off that way, but then something deep inside rears up, and you snap. Then when your children are finally asleep, you look at their beautiful peaceful faces, and feel so guilty that you’ve let them down.

I understand - I really do, because I’ve been there. I’ve got four young children, my husband works shifts, so I do bedtime alone a lot.

I’ve had many meltdowns, I’ve shouted, I’ve cried, I’ve even thrown things, but I’ve learnt to turn this around, and create a loving, peaceful and calm bedtime experience for both myself and my family.

My happiness and well-being has completely transformed thanks to working with Crystals. In turn this has helped me be the mother I want to be to my children.

What you’ll get out of this E-Kit

I’ve gathered up my favourite tools and techniques to create the Beautiful Bedtimes With Crystals E-Kit. Now you too can work with Crystals to transform Your family bedtimes from stressful, exhausting and challenging to calm, loving and peaceful.

You will learn how you and your child(ren) can together set your intentions for how you’d both like bedtimes to be. 

How you can keep your cool, and remain calm and connected to your child.

And how YOU can work with Crystals as a family to transform your bedtimes and whole lives for the better, forever.

Learning how to tap into the power of Crystals can help you and your child.

- Feel relaxed and calm.

- Enhance your patience

- Open and transform any stuck behaviour patterns

- Raise your vibrations, taking you from negative and angry to peaceful and Zen like. 

- Be more loving and nurturing

- Not lose your shit

And this E-Kit will help guide you on your journey. You'll learn how to perform a simple and safe (and über relaxing) Crystal Healing on your child, how to create your own Crystal Grid - with Specific Stone suggestions, and printable templates. How to make your own Aura Spray to transform you and your environment from stressy to calm in seconds. And much more.

This E-Kit is NOT a how to get your children to bed against their will and sleep all night. There is no sleep training, no crying, no stress involved.

What this E-Kit IS about is how to work with Crystals to achieve a calm, relaxed home and mindset, and end your evenings in a beautiful and loving way. More rest and sleep will come naturally as a result.

"I cannot rave enough about the Iris Bluebird beautiful bedtimes e-kit. Hannah has done an amazing job carefully putting together such an awesome resource; jam packed with super rich content and love. As a crystal loving family this resource is now our go to inspiration for things to do together as a family with is also my shining light when the house is in meltdown, so much do my little girl has fallen asleep to the crystal layout this evening allowing me time to unwind and relax in the bath with the sweet dreams meditation.

I really cannot recommend this highly enough and am looking forward to us making some dream catchers, 

Thank you so much Hannah for this, you have given my children a go to guide for their crystal collection and me a whole new range of activities to try using the gorgeous creations of the earth.

 Emma Cox

Included in this E-Kit

A 15 minute Crystal Sleep Guided Meditation MP3 for your Child to listen to at bedtime. This is set to soothing, restful music and was created to maximise relaxation in a fun and engaging way before sleep. Plus a Pdf transcript of the meditation that you can read to your child yourself.

A 7 minute Emergency Parent Time Out Guided Meditiation MP3

Create your own Crystal Aura Spray MP4, Plus full easy to follow step by step E-booklet. to transform both your and your child’s energy before bedtime.

Create your own Crystal Grid for the bedroom MP4 with accompanying E-booklet guide, including 

 - 3 specific Grid ideas for you to use - Calming and Relaxing, Nurturing and Loving, and Protection from Nightmares.

- 3 Grid templates templates you can print (as many times as you wish), colour in, and use. 

- Information on different Crystals you can use to create your own unique Crystal Grid. With advice on where to place your Grid, and how to activate and charge it. 

A beautiful Peaceful and Restful Energy Chakra Doodle (designed and painted especially for this E-Kit) by Energy artist Julie Frost, for you to print out and keep. 

Calming Crystal Layout MP4 and PDF, explaining clearly how and where to place Crystals on your child to calm and relax him/her before bed (this works like a charm every time for my son). 

Make your own Dreamcatcher with your child - MP4 and PDF with full step by step instructions.

Make your own Crystal Herbal Dream Pillow, to place under your child’s pillow for restful sleep - Video and E-Booklet with full step by step instructions.

Print out and keep Affirmations to comfort and reassure you what an amazing parent you are. And raise your vibration to enable you to keep your actions aligned with love. 

Plus added bonuses

E-Booklet collection of very different ways other families do bedtime.

A bedtime Angel blessing by Anna Grace Taylor for you to print out and keep. 

Every part of this E-Kit will be yours to download and keep forever. Any time new issues or challenges arise around bedtime and sleep, you can re-visit this and tweak what you’ve been doing to adapt to these changes.

Are you ready to add some amazing Crystal energy to your parenting tool-kit?


The Beautiful Bedtimes With Crystals E-Kit is available at the special Early- Bird Price of £27 until May 31st when the price will increase to £47

PLEASE READ: This is a digital product delivered as multiple files. It is recommended you store and save it in Dropbox or a similar Cloud storage service. In order to make this product as easily affordable as possible, this is a non-refundable purchase. 

You can be assured this online transaction is 100% secure. After your purchase you’ll get a receipt sent via email along with your download links within just a few minutes! If you do not receive that email, please check your spam or junk mail folder first. Once downloaded, the products are yours FOREVER. Each link can only be downloaded once & the links do expire within 3 days.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Lots of love and Calming, Peaceful Crystal Blessings!


What is an E-Kit?

An E-Kit is a collection of multi-media digital downloadable content including Pdfs, Mp3 (Audio) and Mp4 (video)

Will it work on an Android Phone?

Yes it can be downloaded onto and saved on any type of phone

What age range is it for?

The activities and tools in this kit can be adapted to suit any age. 

Will this kit always rely on using digital technology?

No, you can watch and learn the skills from the videos. All videos and meditations come with PDFs you can print out and keep on paper.

I still feed my toddler to sleep, will it work in this situation?

I do too, yes absolutely.

Is it attachment parenting/unschooling friendly?

The tools and ideas in this kit can work with any parenting style.

Will it work for my child's individual needs?

The content of this Kit has been created to empower you to work with Crystals, and all the activities can be individually tailored to suit your and your child's needs.

Will it work and how?

This isn't a prescriptive bedtime routine. The tools and ideas are designed to empower you to create your and your child's vision of a Beautiful Bedtime with the help of Crystals.

Anything else?

I'm very happy to answer any question you may have, just email me at