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Ten Tips For A Smoother Bedtime With Young Children.

Ten tips for a smoother bedtime with young children.

Bedtime can be one of the most stressful times of day.  Everyone is tired, your children may all be needing a lot of connection from you,  at the same time, and your well of patience has run dry.

Combining the needs of different age ranges, from little babies, to manic bouncing toddlers, to older children, who have patiently been waiting for a little one on one time with you is really tough.

Routines have never worked for my family.  I remember consulting those sleep charts with my eldest, wondering why he needed at least 2 hours less than the specified amounts.  He’s 9 now and still needs a lot less than the others.  Any time I tried, what I thought would be a really lovely routine, it just caused me and my son a whole lot of stress.  I didn’t even attempt it with my younger ones.  (I’ve always been secretly jealous of those who nail this though.)

I’ve muddled through, learning so much along the way, and now our bedtimes are actually really rather lovely and enjoyable for us all. 



Here’s my 10 practical tips that have helped me through the tough times.

1. Accept that life with young children is messy.  They cry, they shout, they fight, they embarrass you in public.  Releasing the need to make everything perfect is so freeing, and often once you do this, everything clicks into place.

2.  Be flexible, think outside the box.  If they don’t want to put their PJs on, do they really need to? If they’re clearly really tired but don’t want to go to bed, would they enjoy going for a drive? Often this will relax them enough to fall asleep in the car then you can carry them to bed

3.  Be playful and inventive.   If they don’t want to brush their teeth can you make it into a game?  Searching for their favourite characters in their mouth was always popular when mine were younger.  Chewable brushes helped as a last resort when they couldn’t be tempted.  We often brush our children’s teeth whilst they’re watching TV.  We never forced them, and now they are all very happy and willing to brush their teeth.

4.  Fill your metaphorical cup.  Take 5 minutes (or longer if you can), to meditate, do Yoga, deep breaths, a Crystal layout, make your own Crystal Aura spray with calming essential oils and spritz it all over you, walk barefoot in the garden, anything that works to calm and relax you, before bedtime.  Make sure you’ve had a snack and a drink too, to avoid any Hangry parent tantrums.

5. If you have a baby, try baby wearing.  I’ve spent many an evening, with a baby strapped on my front, a toddler on my back, and reading a story to older ones, whilst bouncing up and down.  Make sure you take a selfie to remind yourself how awesome you are. 

6.  Go with the flow, and constantly adapt to changing needs.  There’s a tricky age somewhere between 1 and 3 years, where  daytime napping goes crazy.  If they nap in the day, then they don’t sleep until midnight, if they don’t they have meltdowns all afternoon.  It’s a difficult time. It does get better, it really does, but navigating that time with an air of acceptance makes it so much easier. Self-care is so important at these times.

7.  Get the crazy manic hour done before you get too tired.  My children get a wild burst of energy shortly before they get tired.  This can be so much fun, and a really lovely way to connect in the evenings, as long as you aren’t exhausted.  Cushion fights, jumping on the trampoline, playful wrestling, running races (not against each other- that always ends in tears, I use my phone stop watch and they try and beat their personal best)

8.  Prepare for transitions.  Some children find transitions really hard.  The trick is to always have something to look forward to.  Instead saying it’s time for bed, try lets go and read a story (always good to have a new exciting one from the library to look forward to), or lets light a bedtime candle, have a Massage, or Crystal healing.  Basically anything involving you being with them.

9.  Talk with them about bedtimes.  What would they like to do before they go to bed.  How can you make it more enjoyable for you both?

10.  Create a relaxing environment in the bedroom.  My children all have their own little Crystal Angels by their beds, Dream Catchers, herbal pillows, a calming Crystal Grid.  I’ve mastered the art of reading whilst simultaneously giving mini- foot massages with Lavender Oil.

I hope you’ve found some of these ideas helpful.  I’d love to hear yours too, I’m always learning!!

With Love and Crystal Blessings

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Green Crystals for Spring and How They Can Help You

Green Crystals For Spring

If any colour epitomises the essence of Spring it is Green.  Green is the colour of the fresh new shoots of Spring bursting into life in our Gardens, Woodlands and Parks.  Green is nature, growth, expansion, and equilibrium.    It is the colour of our Heart Chakra, bringing harmony, balance, hope and joy into our lives.  It’s also my daughter’s favourite colour, she was a little Spring baby. 

The Primrose Fairy


I absolutely love Spring.  I welcome it into our family home, by always making sure we have plenty of fresh Daffodils, Narcissus and Tulips inside.  We have a Seasons table in our main living area.  I use a colourful silk over a table (hand dyed by Arwen Makes we have a different colour for each season).  On top I place a couple of seasonal books  – this month we have Spring ( a picture only board book by Gurda Muller), and a bird watching book.  I decorate it with little wooden woodland animals, and last month I splashed out on some beautiful felt Spring Flower Fairies.   We also add anything we gather on our days outs and walks.  I’m not too anal about it, once we had a chip on it from a pub lunch that my son wanted to add (was quite amazing as it never got mouldy).

Our Spring Season Table

To be honest the children aren’t that impressed by the Seasons table.  They prefer playing Halo lego, or shooting each other with Nerf Guns.  But, I like bringing beauty and nature into our house, and I’m sure this will imprint upon their memories of their cosy childhood in some way. 

I think it’s really important, that we keep our connection to the things we love, even if our children don’t share it.  I lost mine for a couple of years, feeling if the children weren’t interested I wouldn’t bother.  By doing this I felt lost who I was.  I’m very happy to report I have found myself again.  It was a lovely awakening for me to see I could love and support my children’s interests and passions as well as my own.

One thing we all enjoy is collecting Wild Garlic from the woods.  I love making a Risotto and adding Wild Garlic in place of Spinach with masses of Parmesan (or Gran Padano from Lidl).  And Wild Garlic Pesto too (which is the most spectacular shade of green) – which freezes really well and I dollop onto pasta all year round.  Naturally, I am the only person in the house who actually eats it…. 

Gathering Wild Garlic

It’s no coincidence that Wild Garlic, Nettles and Dandelions are all at their best in Spring, and all wonderful natural tonics to detoxify and strengthen our body after the excesses of Winter.  Nature gives us what we need, when we need it.  Read about my Spring detox here.  I have dandelions aplenty in my garden, so add them to my juices or tea.  I love Susun Weed’s books for inspiration and recipes for making our own herb or weed infusions. 

Green Crystals (Part 2)

Green Crystals all have similar and overlapping energies and benefits for us.  Detoxifying, connection with Nature, hope, optimism and balance are all strong themes.  I wrote about Peridot, Green Aventurine, Jade, Bloodstone, and Green Moss Agate in my last blog-Which Crystals Support Your Spring Detox.


Here’s some Green Crystals for You


clockwise from top: Malachite, Chrysoprase, Emerald, Green Fluorite, Seraphinite, Green Aventurine.


1.Emerald – the birth stone for May, emanates the beautiful Green Ray of the heart Chakra.  This connects you to the frequency of Divine love, bringing the energy of gentleness hope, love and compassion (Naisha Ahsian).  It opens us to love, joy and abundance and is a great tonic for mind, body and spirit (Sue Weaver). It is calming, cleansing and harmonising.

2.Seraphinite is a slightly more glamorous trade name for clinochore.  Naisha Ahsian writes

“on a physical level , it seems to act like fertiliser on grass, causing a flush of pure healing energy. Seraphinite’s purpose is to bring Light into the body, expressing it through us as glowing health”. 

Michael Gienger writes

“Seraphinite has a reinforcing and detoxifying effect on the liver and kidneys, helps us unwind, relieves stress, and brings a great sense of well-being”.

As it’s new name suggests Seraphinite is believed to resonate strongly with all levels of the angelic domain (Robert Simmons).

3.Malachite is a strongly protective stone.  It’s vibration melts constrictive energy patterns and brings calm and emotional balance.  It can help you to discover your inner strength, overcome difficulty and the bring you the confidence to be yourself, and express your inner power.  Malachite is also believed to strengthen the Liver and aid detoxification (Michael Gienger).

4.Green Fluorite harmonises the heart with the mind, helping our thoughts, words and actions become aligned to heart energy (Naisha Ahsian).  It can cleanse and heal the heart chakra  (Robert Simmons), is good for cleansing the chakras and helps mild emotional upsets (Philip Permutt).

5.Chrysoprase has a general “feel better” energy, thats supports cleansing and detoxification, bringing calm, and helping you sleep more deeply (Simon and Sue Lilly).  As well as supporting physical detoxification, Chrysoprase can help detox unwelcome thoughts and emotions.  It helps you deal with oppressive images or recurrent nightmares (Michael Gienger).  Naisha Ahsian writes (beautifully as ever)

“ Chrysoprase reminds one of sunlight falling through fresh, new spring leaves. It carries an energy of growth and ripening promise”.   

I hope your Spring is full of joy and beautiful memory making.

With Love and Crystal Blessings

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Which Crystals Support Your Spring Detox

Yay it’s March and I’ve felt the urge to do a Spring detox.

I know – I’ve read all the pros and cons, yes the Liver and the Kidneys are what detox the body, and you don’t “need” to detox.  But I like to try these things and find out how “I” actually feel, rather than take anyones word for it.

Looking back, when I had just two children, I was a lot healthier and more active.  I juiced everyday, ate healthily and made banana and almond milk smoothies when I was hungry.  Two children later, and cooking balanced meals was way too much for me.  Some days all I could manage to make myself was super noodles with grated cheese on top!! 

Last year I had my first glass of red wine for years.  And I loved it.  Maybe a bit too much.  I got myself into a habit of drinking a couple of glasses every night that my husband was off work, and watching my favourite trashy TV programmes to unwind.  The exhaustion from sleepless nights with babies and young children, slowly became feeling knackered all the time with a Red Wine headache. Oops!!  

So, being an all or nothing type person, I decided to do Jason Vale’s 28 day Juice Challenge.  I’ve got a brilliant juicer already, so no big investment.  Buying the ingredients has been less than what we’ve been spending on food anyway.  

Making the juices first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach with children wanting sandwiches and toast (they never stop eating), to take them to the loo, find their favourite toy, solve a computer problem, look at what they’ve just made, has been a challenge I’ll admit. 

But later in the day when I’m feeling more balanced, it’s a cinch – I prepare the fruit and veg – and they juice them for me (they love it).  I have a few flasks and can prepare a couple ahead of time which makes the rest of the day easy.

I had one moment where I nearly jacked it all in, and ran down the hill to get some Fish and Chips, but my husband bravely convinced me not to.  It’s also hard not to eat stray crisps and uneaten slices of soggy Pizza left around by the children.  Some times I feel light headed and hungry, but I feel fine after the next juice.

Today is day 7, and overall I feel pretty good.  Yesterday I had an amazing day with the children.  I was more present, mindful of my thoughts and actions – less irritable and snappy, and had more energy.  I even managed to actually take in a few pages of a book when they’d gone to bed – normally I read the same line over and over again till I give up.  

I’m not missing wine or coffee, but I’d love a chunk of bread and butter dipped in a butternut squash soup right now.  I’m really looking forward to that when I’m done.

I’m hoping that this plan will help me feel healthier, more energetic and make better food choices – like I always used to.  

Crystals To Support Your Spring Detox

Did you know there are Crystals that encompass the energy of Spring and can support your Spring detox?

Green Moss Agate, Jade, Green Aventurine, Bloodstone, Peridot.

My favourites are 

Peridot –  this has a bouncy, happy energy – that reminds me of the Zesty-ness of a of a fresh ripe Lime.  It energises you and brings the Spring Sunshine into your life .  Michael Gienger writes Olivine (Peridot) has a strong detoxifying effect and stimulates the liver, it enhances the liver and gallbladder.  

Green Aventurine – the Ultimate Spring Stone. It brings you all the joyful, hope-filled, exciting feelings of Spring.  I love Naisha Ahsian’s words

“ Green Aventurine’s essence is that of a spring bursting forth after a long dark Winter”

Doesn’t that bring you just the most beautiful imagery?

Jade – has a friendly, playful energy- like that of the most popular boy in your School.  Being green it embodies all the essence of Spring- joy, luck, happiness, and abundance. 

Bloodstone- has quite a heavy grounding energy. But it helps you get moving and get things done. It is known as a great Purifier, both physically and energetically, it is strengthening and fortifying (Naisha Ahsian), and so a great accompaniment to your Spring detox.

Green Moss Agate – one of my favourites.  All the most beautiful shades of Green, it has a gently grounding energy, that helps you connect to Nature and being outside in our beautiful Earth. It has a peaceful, stabilising energy (Naisha Ahsian) that can bring you gentle support through any crazy “hangry” moments. 

I hope Spring brings you abundant joy and laughter.

Crystal Blessings

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Your Heart Chakra, and why you need to heal it.

Your Heart Chakra, and why you need to heal it. 

As Valentines Day approaches,  I’ve spent many happy hours creating jewellery using Heart Chakra stones.  I began to ponder why is love so important to us?

As a teenager and young adult I was desperate to find love.  The kind of love I was looking for was outside of me.  I wanted someone to tell me how gorgeous, perfect and amazing I was.    

Thank goodness I eventually met my Andy.  But although I’ve always felt loved by him, I craved compliments and reassurance from him.  I didn’t get them, he’s just not that sort of bloke.  The biggest compliment he ever paid me – after a lot of (drunken) begging on my part, was that I had very shiny hair.  We still laugh abut that!

It took me a while to mature a bit and accept this.  But eventually (and I’m a slow learner) I came to realise that love was a state of being that comes from within.  Until I started to love myself a bit more, I wasn’t going to stop being needy, and um slightly desperate.  

What is the Heart Chakra all about? 

Our Heart Chakra is our centre in the popular Seven Chakra System.  It connects Body, Mind and Spirit.  

The love that comes from the Heart Chakra, isn’t the passionate, dependant kind of love that comes within the Sacral Chakra. 

This love is all about connection, balance, wholeness and the joy that comes from this state of being. 

It is about relationships, but the love you feel when your Heart Chakra is balanced comes from within.  Love and acceptance for yourself (flaws and all) means you can truly, and unconditionally love others (flaws and all). 

Hurts like criticism, rejection, repressed emotions, and emotional abuse all deplete the Heart Chakra.  

We might find it hard to forgive, hold grudges, be jealous or judgemental. Or (like I was) we might be overly needy and crave acceptance from others.  Our emotions may be wild and unbalanced.

When your Heart Chakra is balanced, you feel deep inner peace, harmony and joy

So Which Crystals Balance Your Heart Chakra?

Heart Chakra Crystals are usually pink or green, but as it is approaching Valentine’s , I’m going to talk about the pink ones.   

Rose Quartz a translucent pale pink stone, known as the stone of Unconditional love combines a powerful heart healing energy, with a calm and soothing vibration.  It’s soft, gentle pink brings comfort and healing to wounds your heart has gathered.  It can release emotions and bring deep held memories to the surface for healing.  This clearing of energy opens you to receiving more love and kindness from yourself and others, bringing inner peace and fulfilment.

Rhodochrosite is a peachy-salmon pink with white and black banding.  It has a really lovely joyful energy that brings out your inner child, and your sense of childlike fun and playfulness.  It can help you recover and release any suppressed emotional wounds allowing you to become who you were meant to be. It is soothing and comforting, really excellent for stress and anxiety. It brings love, forgiveness, compassion and kindness.

Rhodonite is an opaque raspberry pink stone with black inclusions in it.  It has a grounding energy that helps bring love to our day to day activities.  It’s an excellent stone to bring comfort and grounding after an emotional shock or trauma. Rhodonite helps heal old emotional wounds, helping us to forgive, freeing us from those horrible thoughts that won’t go away. 

Pink Tourmaline is a beautiful bright translucent pink.  It brings trust in the power of love, opening the heart to give that love to the world (Sue Weaver and Katrina Raphael) . It helps you rediscover your joy and enthusiasm for life. 

Kunzite is a pale lavender pink stone that ranges from opaque to transparent.  It works very quickly to release emotional blocks and open your heart to a divine heavenly energy. It brings peace, balance, pure joy and self-love.

Watermelon Tourmaline is Tourmaline that has pink in the middle and a green rind around the outside. The green ray heals emotional wounds stored in your heart, and the pink inspires the love to flow inside and out (Raphael 1985). Watermelon Tourmaline vibrates with love, kindness and friendship.  It has a simply gorgeous soothing and calming energy.

Ruby is a deep reddish pink stone and a powerful and passionate stone. It helps overcome lethargy and brings a bit of oomph back, especially to your sex life.  As a vibrant Red Ray stone, it helps you to take action, get moving, and energises you.

Garnet is a stone of sexuality, creativity and attraction. They can help you “magnetise” a lover, a new job, or creative project. It enhances charisma, and gets things moving, with a sense of enjoyment and fun (Simmons 2007)

Strawberry Quartz is a gorgeous stone that brings you fun, bliss and joy.  It has a loving, soothing energy  that can teach you self-love, self-acceptance and self-nurturing.

 Morganite is a pale pink opaque to transparent stone that can speedily release old pain and sorrow, bringing a welcome sense of lightness.  Wearing it brings peace, joy and inner strength, and a connection to divine love.  It’s energy opens and clears the heart chakra, healing fear, resentment and anger. 

Pink Opal is a pale pink stone that helps us get over shyness, shame and inhibitions – helping the enjoyment of your sexuality  (Gienger).  It brings peace helping you release past trauma, tension and stress.  It helps you become more emotionally balanced and calm.


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With Love and Crystal Blessings 

Crystal Disclaimer

Whilst I believe Crystals to be amazing and powerful, they should not be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have any kind of health issue you should consult your doctor. I would like to advise that when I talk about, post or give advice relating to the healing properties of crystals and stones, these are my own personal beliefs and the result of my research. None of this information has been scientifically evaluated.  I do not offer medical advice or prescribe the use of stones as a form of treatment for any physical, medical, psychological or emotional problems, without the advice of  Doctor.  

Although a crystal or stone is alleged to have one or more healing properties, either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, it does not mean that you will definitely experience or benefit from these properties. Any information you receive, whether orally, in written form or electronically relating to crystals and stones purchased from Iris Bluebird, should be received and understood in the above context

Strawberry Quartz and why you need this!

Strawberry Quartz 

Strawberry Quartz is a member of the Quartz family, with inclusions that give it a pink colouration

Not to be confused with the artificial Cherry Quartz, Strawberry Quartz is a naturally occurring stone, that has been found in found in Mexico, Africa and Kazakhstan.

It ranges from pale pink, Strawberry Pink to Raspberry Pink.  Some are milky in appearance with dark veins, others are more sparkly from the inclusions of Iron Oxides.

Strawberry Quartz

There is very little written about Strawberry Quartz metaphysically.  So my wonderful Crystal friends – have all generously shared their attunements with me, so I can share with you.  I have included their findings unedited, I don’t want to take away any of the intended meaning.  So, this is the raw and true personal experiences of my lovely fellow Crystal students. 

Strawberry Quartz Attunement Experiences 

My experience working with Strawberry Quartz was it had a beautiful joyful and loving energy.  I saw lots of small woodland animals, and received the words “we just want you to have fun”. For me, it teaches us to not take everything so seriously, and to go with the joyful flow and dance of life.

I felt a strong connection with Harvest and Ceres – the Roman Goddess of Agriculture and Abundance.  Ceres is also connected to fertility and Motherly relationships. I had a vision of dancing ecstatically in a Cornfield as the sun sets, turning everything golden, I felt totally blissful.  During the time I worked with Strawberry Quartz, I experienced a huge healing in a close family relationship, that has given me so much pain and  angst over many years. 

Statue of Ceres ( greek Demeter ) ancient roman goddess in Stibbert Gardens in Florence, Tuscany

I also felt a connection with Heaven and felt myself fill with bright white light when I held it over my Crown Chakra.

Jenn found the energy of Strawberry Quartz very loving, supportive, grounding, and softer than clear Quartz.  It is reassuring and very helpful for self love as well as compassion for others. Helpful with self acceptance as you are, and release of judgement.  

You can check out Jenn Faulks’ Facebook page here

Jac experienced Strawberry Quartz as a gentle heart healer with an incredibly light, soft touch. Airy and soothing.

Emotionally..lightening a heavy heart, lifting pain up and away like a stain being lifted up and out of a soiled a subtle breeze gently wafting through a chiffon curtain.

Physically.. soothing, calming, gentle action like the gentle swing of a hammock.

Mentally..lifting off stress with a light singing whisper, soft focus. Healing without trauma, just carried away by the breeze  leaving no scar. above, helium healing. The soft loving gentle touch of a Doe’s nose. Feather light lifting up and away of pain and things that no longer serve done with fingers of air.  I wouldn’t give it to a Liberian to wear for any period of time cos they’d just float off in their own wonderful cloud of airy vagueness.  Jacqueline Watson-moul.

Helen found Strawberry quartz has the softness of the Divine Feminine,  bringing her wisdom.  It feels sacred,  the milky  crystals with the darker threads have that Grounding quality,  “I will soothe you,  hold you,  comfort.  I will bring you back into your body,  into the vessel of the divine feminine.”  Gentle wholeness,  soft tranquility.  

The sparkly Crystals have a higher vibrations for me.  My sparks lift and transform,  breaking up heavy sense energies.  I filter into every part of you,  stimulating the heart,  animator of life force…. Filled with the energy of the cosmos… Expanding the wisdom of the heart  

I have the milky and more sparkly,  I find them quite different yet with the same thread of gentle loving energy.  

Helen Spedding offers a her amazing skills as a healer in Norfolk, UK- her Facebook page is

Cally found Strawberry Quartz brought a safe reassuring feeling of “hearing my regular breath and heart beating strongly.  Reassuring and relaxing. Heart beat speeded up and became irregular, but still felt confident to trust the stone, trust my heart, trust universe.  Dark earthy knowledge the heartbeat is strong and to trust in universe – take time and meditate. After putting down the stone I felt inspired to use it again later to meditate, knowing it would be a friend to me”. 

Another attunement with Strawberry Quartz felt calming, sinking down into the earth and deep inside myself, again being encouraged to take ‘time out’ to heal, to snuggle down and be loved. 

Sleeping with Strawberry Quartz, I experienced vivid dreams and waking remembering them clearly. They seemed so real, I woke up feeling angry, irritated and not knowing what to do, or why I couldn’t be understood. They just ‘didn’t get it’.

Key words for Strawberry Quartz

Strong, stable, grounding, trusting. Using Earth energies to comfort, reassure and heal.  Also confusing, showing past anxieties.

Cally is currently showcasing her collection of beautiful Cornish Agates at events and festivals in the Uk. She doesn’t yet have a business page you can follow her on, but I will add it when she does.

Another lovely member of our group – Jan, didn’t have her notes but found me some published writing about Strawberry Quartz. 

Cassandra Eason author of The Complete Crystal Bible  -found Strawberry Quartz to be 

“A gentle comforting crystal associated with the Mother Goddess. Good for mothers of large families to enjoy the happy special moments, comforting when away from home. For self- nurturing after a prolonged period of being there for everyone else.  Increases self- esteem for those who come from over-critical families.”

Well that explains some of why I love it so much!!

Sue Weaver our esteemed Crystal Teacher who is leading and guiding us on our discovery of the wonders of Crystals writes 

Strawberry Quartz is one of my favourite crystals, yet it is rarely written about. It has always been included in the Cornwall School of Crystal Healing Diploma for its unique energies. It is a silvery-greyish pink! It often has grey to black markings, and is frequently confused with Rhodonite because of the colour similarity. The sheen is quite different, however, as is the energy frequency. Strawberry Quartz is quiet and unassuming. It has a gentle but deeply spiritual energy with a lovely mystical deep wisdom. I often think of nuns and monks – living a simple life of prayer and devotion. It is soothes the heart and mind and can help us to find peace and comfort in stillness and solitude. It can help us to be self-contained and settled in our physical bodies, and to find simple joy in the basic routine tasks of life. This is a wonderful stone for those who ‘want to be spiritual’ and resist being in the body, failing to understand that the physical is sacred too!
Sue Weaver can be contacted through her page Sue Weaver Crystals (I’ve noticed she has some lovely Strawberry Quartz hearts for sale in her next online Crystal Barn Market on Wednesday 8th February – click here to join 

I absolutely love hearing how others experience the energy of Crystals in different ways.  It depends hugely on who we are, what we are experiencing in our lives at that moment and what needs healing in our life.  As you can see we all had varying responses, though I feel there is a strong and consistent theme of love.

I find during attunements that I experience sensations in different parts of my body that the particular Crystal can help with, and the crystals can expose parts of my life that I need to give more attention.

Summarising all our experiences with Strawberry Quartz,- some key words and themes are

Fun, bliss, joy, gentle, loving, soothing, healing, uplifting, self-love, self-acceptance, self-nurturing, safe, reassuring. 


I hope you enjoyed reading about our shared experiences.

With Love and Crystal Blessings

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Crystals To Bring Back The Sunshine And Why You Need Them

Crystals to bring back the Sunshine

Disclaimer: Whilst I believe Crystals to be amazing and powerful, my jewellery should not be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have any kind of health issue, you should consult your doctor. I would like to advise that when I talk about, post or give advice relating to the healing properties of crystals and stones, these are my own personal beliefs and the results of my research. Although a crystal or stone is alleged to have one or more healing properties, either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, it does not mean that you will definitely experience or benefit from these properties. 

So all the joyful celebrations of Yule, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year are over and for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere the lack of daylight, sun and energy hits you hard.

Sunset in the wood in winter period

You feel sluggish, bloated and miserable (so do I). 

Remember those Summer days, when you open your back door and step into the Sunshine, your children happily play for hours in your beautifully landscaped garden whilst you sunbathe on a stylish cushioned lounger, you eat green salads al fresco, your tummy was flat, ok me neither…

But, the lack of light and warmth can really drag your mood down. 

Mini-Eggs are back in the shops (yay) but Spring and Easter Sunshine aren’t going to be here for eons. 

How can you survive this bleak and boring time?

You know that keeping active, getting outside in the middle of the day as much as poss all helps. 

But how about some fun Crystals to try?  

Here’s my favourite happy, energising, joy inspiring, mood lifting stones to bring back the sunshine into your life.

Amber is formed from fossilised organic natural resins from Ancient Forests. Imagine all the sunshine used by Trees to live and grow.  The life force energy of that Ancient Sunlight is literally preserved within Amber.  This gives Amber a “solar” quality, that energises, warms, and carries Light Energy


Citrine is a form of Quartz, with it’s yellow colour coming from Iron impurities that become included in the atomic structure as it crystallises.  Most Citrine is actually heat treated Amethyst, but although I usually have snobbish thoughts about synthetically altered Crystals, the properties of this Citrine are so awesome it doesn’t matter to me.  It gives a warm and sunny Golden Ray energy, that  uplifts your mood, energises, bringing positivity, optimism, happiness and playfulness.  Just what we all need in the dreary Winter months.


Sunstone is a Feldspar from the same family as Moonstone- with glittering orange-brown inclusions. It carries the “Solar Ray”, and energy of Ra, the Sun God (Ahsian 2007).  It’s glittering sunshine energy encourages our “sunny sides” to shine (Gienger 2015) and brings us the energy of action, optimism, warmth, self-worth, and happiness.  It connects us to our internal light,  raises our vibrations and lifting our mood.

Sunstone on a light background

Carnelian is a Chalcedony (from the Quartz family) that contains Iron. It has more of an Earthy energy than the Sunshine stones, but I’ve included it as it’s warming energy is just what we need at this time of year. It enhances your life-force energy – boosting your vitality, energising, strengthening and fortifying (Ahsian 2007).  


Sunshine Stones


I’d love to hear any of your tips for getting through Winter. 

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With Love and Crystal Blessings

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10 Thoughtful Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas

10 Thoughtful Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas

Do you want something more thoughtful and alternative than a boxed beauty set to give your loved ones this Christmas?

I’ve gathered a selection of beautiful, alternative, natural or spiritual Christmas Gifts all online right here, to save you from fighting the crowds.

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  1.  An alternative gift that will be used and appreciated is a Home Blessing Kit.  To keep the energy of your home clean and bright and support your hearth to be a welcoming, nurturing space.

This lovely Home Blessing Kit contains herbs for cleansing and blessing, a shell in which to burn the herbs, a feather to move the smoke where it is needed, a sweetgrass braid and some lovely incense.

Many cultures consider certain plants to be sacred, and to have special properties that can help us.

This Home Blessing Kit contains dried white sage (salvia apiana) – a plant which is particularly good at clearing negative energies, and sweetgrass – with a divine scent that brings a beautiful, positive energy.

Cleansing with sacred herbs is both a practical and sacred ritual, combining the energies of the 4 daughters of beauty or the 4 elements.

The plant represents the Earth element. Included is both a 25g bag of leaves and a bundle tied into a smudge stick with cotton thread. The leaves, or the bundle, are placed in the Abalone Shell.  This a very pretty shell with flashes of rainbow colour, which represents the Water element. They are then burned, and transformed into cleansing smoke. This represents the Fire element. The smoke itself, and the Wild Turkey feather represent the element air.

 May your hearth be clear and bright, and filled with many blessings.


Sue Weaver, the creator of this kit is my Crystal Teacher and has over 25 years experience in Crystal Healing.  To read more about Sue Weaver’s method for smudging her home click here

Cost: For a Home Blessing Kit is £19  Or Small Home Blessing Kit £9 (25g white sage OR white sage bundle, abalone shell, wild turkey feather)    Click Here For Sue Weavers Crystals Facebook Page To Order

2.  For an alternative to High Street mass produced jewellery,  handmade Crystal Jewellery from Iris Bluebird 

Sparkle and shine this Christmas, with Natural Clear Quartz Crystals on a hand twisted White and Ice Blue thread.

Clear Quartz is also known as the “master crystal” as it can be programmed to bring a desired outcome.  Try meditating with these Quartz Crystals.  Focus your attention on achieving your goal, then wear the Crystals daily.  Quartz lifts your energy, brings clarity of thought and purpose (Ahsian 2005).

£18 plus postage.  Last Order Date before Christmas is 20th December.  Click Here To Order


3. Gorgeous Goddess Art , the perfect alternative gift for the Goddess in your life.  This would make a lovely addition to your altar. 

Enter the Woman – this fertility goddess is one of a series of mini-canvasses inspired by the divine feminine.

£19.50 Last order date before xmas: Tuesday 20th December Click Here To Order


4. Infuse your home with beautiful Christmassy scents using hand crafted Beeswax and Soy Wax Melts from Bumble and Bean.  Scent evokes memories, so this alternative gift will be always be remembered. 

Christmas fragrances for wax melts and wax melts gift sets are Christmas Pudding, Cranberry Delight, Frosted Pinecones, Jack Frost, Mulled Wine, Orange Pomander, Oriental Fig and Snow Angel.

Last order date in the U.K is 19th December.  Click here for Bumble and Beans Facebook page, and message Karen to order online.


5.  A  Winter Spice Herbal Tea set would make a perfect alternative gift for any health conscious herbal tea lover.  Thea, owner of Nurture Mama has a BSc in Herbal Medicine and has an ETSY store filled with gorgeous nurturing treats.  These include a New Mama Gift Box, Soothe and Calm Rescue Mist (I’ve just bought this), Happy Room Mist and more. 
1x pure cobalt blue tea cup
1x Winter Spice tea 30g
1x Tea Infuser Ball
Gift wrapped with beautiful herb illustrated tissue paper and natural brown paper.
Star Anise 



Last order date before Xmas is 14th December. Click here for Nurture Mamas store

6. Everyone needs a Beautiful Calendar to plan the year ahead.  My favourite is always Spiritual Artist’s Annie b.’s .  

Annie b.’s beautiful ‘ Art from the Heart ‘Calendar for 2017 is now available.   Each month has a different image and positive affirmation for you to enjoy, and it makes a perfect gift for Christmas.

 I like to cut out and frame the pictures afterwards…

£12.99 plus postage Click Here To Order 

Alternative Beautiful Art From The Heart 2017 Calendar

7.  Crystal Bath Salts.  Everyone loves a long hot soak in the bath. Adding Crystal Bath Salts that have been charged in a Crystal Grid = heaven for any worn out body.  Lovingly created by the wonderful BeeBee of Crystal Dreams.  

100% natural, Himalayan Bath Salt, Epsom Salts, Bicarbonate of Soda, Rose Petals, Crystals (Rose Quartz & Amethyst), and the most divine, 100% pure Lavender Essential Oil or 100% natural, Himalayan Bath Salt, Epsom Salts, Bicarbonate of Soda, Rose Petals, Crystals (Rose Quartz & Amethyst), and the most divine, 100% pure Egyptian Rose Oil <3. These are charged inside a gorgeous grid of Rose Quartz and beautiful Roses

Small jar: 430 grams (net weight 220 grams approx) £8 

Large jar: 1.1kg (net weight 700 grams approx) £20


Alternative Crystal bath Salts

Last order date before Xmas is 20th December Click Here To Buy

8.  A Gorgeous Fairy book.  Fairies are most definitely for grownups too.  This would make an alternative and well loved gift for adults and children alike.

Glitter and Earth: Tales of Magic and Wonder is a contemporary, quirky and original fairy book.

The 20 illustrations are accompanied by short stories/poems that open the door to a world of wonder.
Have you ever wondered why the sock fairy steals your socks? Or who the tooth fairy really is?
This is your chance to meet some elusive fairies and learn a little about them.



Jacqueline has said she will sign copies if you message her,and offer free shipping if you use the code Irisbluebird on ordering.  Click here to order 

9.  The Gift of A Peaceful Home, is something we all would wish for.  The lovely Emma from Manifest Your Destiny with Emma has created a Ready Made Crystal Grid as an alternative way to achieve this. 
**Christmas Limited Edition**
Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Frame – Family Blessings
Christmas is a time to spend with family and loved ones. Time spent with your family
is a blessing and where memories are made. This grid has been designed with this
in mind.
The crystals used in this sacred geometry crystal frame combine to fill your home
with protection for your family and your home. Plus act as a barrier from negative energies.
Best of all, it infuses the crystal energies of rose quartz, citrine, and carnelian to fill
your space with love, warmth and happiness. Perfect for this special time of year.
Alternative Christmas Crystal Grid
Crystal Grid Frame size 9×9  £27  Last Order Date before Xmas 5th December Click here to order.
10.  The alternative healer in your life will LOVE a Sabda Reiki Tuning Fork.  Their creator Jane, has an amazing story on her calling to make these- I hope to share it one day!

Sabda Reiki is a non-intrusive, relaxing and gentle treatment suitable for everyone.

Sabda means Sound and Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. These two healing modalities come together in the form of tuning forks and chime pipes, whilst incorporating the Reiki healing symbols, giving the recipient a powerful but gentle treatment of Sound and Reiki healing. 

This set of four tuning forks consist of Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Dai Ko Myo. They are suitable for anyone to use and we’ve found these to be really popular with children too! They love to play them and listen to the tones. Our dogs, Bramble and Holly love them too and are always up for a bit of a treatment and relaxation time!

 We have found those attuned to Reiki connect on a deeper level with these tuning forks, and we have Reiki Practitioners as well as other therapists using them with fantastic results.

I can confirm that children really do love these- my younger two love giving me “healing” with ours.

Set of four Sabda Reiki tuning forks, mallet, pouch and explanation cards £120.00 plus £2.50 postage UK only

One tuning fork (please state which one you would like) pouch, rubber striker and explanation card £35.00 plus £1.99 postage UK only

Last order date before Christmas Friday 16th December 2016 Click Here To Order


I hope you’ve found plenty of inspiration for your Christmas Gift buying.  All of these gifts support small businesses, and are created with so much love and care.

 I will be sharing this with everyone in the hope they will buy something for me from this list!  Please share with everyone who you think would appreciate any of these gorgeous gifts (or buy them for you).

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Lots of Love and Crystal Blessings

Iris Bluebird

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How To Smudge Your Home

How To Smudge Your Home

My wonderful Crystal Teacher Sue Weaver has shared with me her method for smudging her home.  

There are many ways to smudge yourself and your home. I don’t believe that there is a single ‘right way’, but I have my way and I’ll share that with you.

I begin with cleaning on the physical level – a good tidy, dust, sweep, spit and polish, and a good crystal cleanse. I like to do this with windows and door open, whenever possible, and it is good to keep them open while you smudge if you can.

I begin by setting a clear, strong intent to clear any energies that do not belong in my home. I start upstairs, in the corner of the bathroom. I move around the room, using the feather to wave the smoke into nooks and crannies, paying particular attention to corners, all the time focussing on clearing and cleansing.

I then move to my bedroom and repeat, to the other bedrooms and then down the stairs. I move through the rooms downstairs, ending at the door.

Having completed the smudging, I go round again with sweetgrass. This herb smells divine and brings blessings into your home. It does not burn like sage, and you have to be patient and persevere. I will need lighting several times, but it is really worth it. You can complete by lighting an incense stick or two, to fill your home with fragrance. Flowers aren’t included, but I always bring fresh flower into my home. A home without flowers feels incomplete.



Sue Weaver can be contacted through Sue Weaver Crystals Facebook Page.  She always has the most beautiful Crystals available to purchase , plus if you are interested in training as a Crystal Healer she runs the Cornwall School Of Crystal Healing. 

8 Tips For Surviving Sleep Deprivation

8 tips for surviving sleep deprivation. 

Sleep deprivation is a killer.  You feel awful, look worse, have no patience, and it can drain the joy from your life.

I don’t think I’ve had a full nights sleep in over 9 years.  I had awful pregnancy insomnia with my firstborn – who is nearly 9 (eek where did that time go?!). 

I’ve co-slept with, and breastfed all my babies – my younger 3 all had lip ties which meant they could only feed laying down.  This meant they mostly fed at night.

Tiredness has not been kind to my looks lol!

So, I’ve 9 years practice in survival.

Here’s what gets me through.

1. Keeping hydrated.  I know, it’s a bit boring.  But being dehydrated makes you feel dizzy, lightheaded and weak.  Drinking plenty really helps.  Have a bottle of water you can carry around to remind you. 

2. Micro-sleeps.  Sometimes, even with 4 young children there are moments of calm.  Yes they are rare, but they happen.  Use them!   My children do not like seeing me asleep.  But, if they’re all busy, I can put a blanket over my face  -they don’t notice that for some reason, and catch a few zzzzzs.  Note- I baby proofed my home long ago – always do that first.

3. Have a shower.  Water is so restorative.  Showers are full of negative ions, which have been found to help fatigue. Plus, it feels good to be clean. Have a lovely zingy aromatherapy shower gel to uplift you even more.

4. Drop your standards.  If you’re too tired to tidy up, then don’t.  And be kind to yourself.  Your mental well being is far more important than a tidy house.  If you can’t bear to sit in the mess, get a big broom, sweep everything into a corner and cover it up with a rug. This isn’t forever.

5. If you have the energy- get outside.  Even if it’s just in your garden, or your back door step.  Take ten deep breaths.  Notice how good breathing deeply feels.  It will also energise you.

6. If you’ve got friends and family, then invite them round.  Nothing passes the time better than good company.  Can they come over and help you get out the house, to the park, the woods, a cafe?

7. Food.  Sleep deprivation makes you hungry.  Try and remember to eat regularly.  If you forget, then your body will crave the most energy high food possible- for me this was cake.  I love cake (and would never say don’t eat cake!) but I ate too much, and in the long term this isn’t healthy.  

8. Crystals – my favourite Crystals for energising me are 

Citrine– it’s golden ray naturally uplifts and boosts your energy and mood, 

Green Aventurine– has a happy, optimistic feel good energy, 

 Carnelian– gives you the motivation to get up and moving , 

Amethyst– has a mind calming energy- really helpful for that “wired” feeling, 

Red Jasper – has a real physically supportive energy, strong and supportive, 

Garnet– a really excellent Root Chakra stone that stimulates and regenerates your physical body, 

Baltic Amber and it’s sunshine energy will always make you feel better. 

I hope some of these ideas help you.  You will get through the day, you always have, just like I did.

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Lots of love 

Iris Bluebird

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How I keep the energy of my jewellery pure and clean.

Clean Energy-why is it important?

When I make jewellery, it is so important that I only put good, positive energy into my work. You or your child will be wearing this jewellery.  So, I want it to have as pure and clean energy as possible.

Any time I notice I’m feeling annoyed about something, or sad, angry, energy I do not want to pass on.  I always stop myself- no matter how busy I am.

If I were to continue, then it’s likely, my energy will transfer into the jewellery.  The wearer could find themselves feeling my negative feelings, which is obviously not good at all.

File 06-09-2016 13 53 58
My favourite way of speeding up the passing of any negative energy through my body is using Smokey and Clear quartz points.

You can do this too, it’s super easy.

Negative Energy Clear Out

Lay on the ground or your bed with the Clear Quartz point above your head.  Directed the point down towards your body.

Place the Smokey beneath your feet pointing downwards, away from your body.

You can optionally add extra Clear points along the centre of your body directing the energy through towards the Smokey.

Lay like that as long as you feel you need to.  Until your energy feels clean.  Usually up to around 20 minutes if you can.

If you don’t have Smokey Points (they are rather hard to get hold of at the moment), you can use a normal Smokey Quartz pebble, and direct a Clear Quartz Point (easy to get hold of) into it.

This is a really useful exercise for anytime you notice you have negative thoughts that will not go away.

Try to go outside barefoot too, and let all the negativity blow away (literally blow away the cobwebs), or be absorbed into the ground (damp grass is best for grounding).
I cleanse the energy in my office with White sage and Sound regularly, as well as each individual piece of jewellery before I package it.

I often get told how nice the energy of my jewellery feels when it arrives, which is always lovely to hear.

I only buy my Crystals from suppliers that I know and trust.  If you need to buy any Smokey or Clear quartz my favourite 3 are

Crystal Dreams

Heaven and Earth Crystals

And Rainbow Ave Crystals


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Crystal Blessings

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