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How To Smudge Your Home

How To Smudge Your Home

My wonderful Crystal Teacher Sue Weaver has shared with me her method for smudging her home.  

There are many ways to smudge yourself and your home. I don’t believe that there is a single ‘right way’, but I have my way and I’ll share that with you.

I begin with cleaning on the physical level – a good tidy, dust, sweep, spit and polish, and a good crystal cleanse. I like to do this with windows and door open, whenever possible, and it is good to keep them open while you smudge if you can.

I begin by setting a clear, strong intent to clear any energies that do not belong in my home. I start upstairs, in the corner of the bathroom. I move around the room, using the feather to wave the smoke into nooks and crannies, paying particular attention to corners, all the time focussing on clearing and cleansing.

I then move to my bedroom and repeat, to the other bedrooms and then down the stairs. I move through the rooms downstairs, ending at the door.

Having completed the smudging, I go round again with sweetgrass. This herb smells divine and brings blessings into your home. It does not burn like sage, and you have to be patient and persevere. I will need lighting several times, but it is really worth it. You can complete by lighting an incense stick or two, to fill your home with fragrance. Flowers aren’t included, but I always bring fresh flower into my home. A home without flowers feels incomplete.



Sue Weaver can be contacted through Sue Weaver Crystals Facebook Page.  She always has the most beautiful Crystals available to purchase , plus if you are interested in training as a Crystal Healer she runs the Cornwall School Of Crystal Healing. 

How I keep the energy of my jewellery pure and clean.

Clean Energy-why is it important?

When I make jewellery, it is so important that I only put good, positive energy into my work. You or your child will be wearing this jewellery.  So, I want it to have as pure and clean energy as possible.

Any time I notice I’m feeling annoyed about something, or sad, angry, energy I do not want to pass on.  I always stop myself- no matter how busy I am.

If I were to continue, then it’s likely, my energy will transfer into the jewellery.  The wearer could find themselves feeling my negative feelings, which is obviously not good at all.

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My favourite way of speeding up the passing of any negative energy through my body is using Smokey and Clear quartz points.

You can do this too, it’s super easy.

Negative Energy Clear Out

Lay on the ground or your bed with the Clear Quartz point above your head.  Directed the point down towards your body.

Place the Smokey beneath your feet pointing downwards, away from your body.

You can optionally add extra Clear points along the centre of your body directing the energy through towards the Smokey.

Lay like that as long as you feel you need to.  Until your energy feels clean.  Usually up to around 20 minutes if you can.

If you don’t have Smokey Points (they are rather hard to get hold of at the moment), you can use a normal Smokey Quartz pebble, and direct a Clear Quartz Point (easy to get hold of) into it.

This is a really useful exercise for anytime you notice you have negative thoughts that will not go away.

Try to go outside barefoot too, and let all the negativity blow away (literally blow away the cobwebs), or be absorbed into the ground (damp grass is best for grounding).
I cleanse the energy in my office with White sage and Sound regularly, as well as each individual piece of jewellery before I package it.

I often get told how nice the energy of my jewellery feels when it arrives, which is always lovely to hear.

I only buy my Crystals from suppliers that I know and trust.  If you need to buy any Smokey or Clear quartz my favourite 3 are

Crystal Dreams

Heaven and Earth Crystals

And Rainbow Ave Crystals


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Crystal Blessings

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