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Strawberry Quartz and why you need this!

Strawberry Quartz 

Strawberry Quartz is a member of the Quartz family, with inclusions that give it a pink colouration

Not to be confused with the artificial Cherry Quartz, Strawberry Quartz is a naturally occurring stone, that has been found in found in Mexico, Africa and Kazakhstan.

It ranges from pale pink, Strawberry Pink to Raspberry Pink.  Some are milky in appearance with dark veins, others are more sparkly from the inclusions of Iron Oxides.

Strawberry Quartz

There is very little written about Strawberry Quartz metaphysically.  So my wonderful Crystal friends – have all generously shared their attunements with me, so I can share with you.  I have included their findings unedited, I don’t want to take away any of the intended meaning.  So, this is the raw and true personal experiences of my lovely fellow Crystal students. 

Strawberry Quartz Attunement Experiences 

My experience working with Strawberry Quartz was it had a beautiful joyful and loving energy.  I saw lots of small woodland animals, and received the words “we just want you to have fun”. For me, it teaches us to not take everything so seriously, and to go with the joyful flow and dance of life.

I felt a strong connection with Harvest and Ceres – the Roman Goddess of Agriculture and Abundance.  Ceres is also connected to fertility and Motherly relationships. I had a vision of dancing ecstatically in a Cornfield as the sun sets, turning everything golden, I felt totally blissful.  During the time I worked with Strawberry Quartz, I experienced a huge healing in a close family relationship, that has given me so much pain and  angst over many years. 

Statue of Ceres ( greek Demeter ) ancient roman goddess in Stibbert Gardens in Florence, Tuscany

I also felt a connection with Heaven and felt myself fill with bright white light when I held it over my Crown Chakra.

Jenn found the energy of Strawberry Quartz very loving, supportive, grounding, and softer than clear Quartz.  It is reassuring and very helpful for self love as well as compassion for others. Helpful with self acceptance as you are, and release of judgement.  

You can check out Jenn Faulks’ Facebook page here

Jac experienced Strawberry Quartz as a gentle heart healer with an incredibly light, soft touch. Airy and soothing.

Emotionally..lightening a heavy heart, lifting pain up and away like a stain being lifted up and out of a soiled a subtle breeze gently wafting through a chiffon curtain.

Physically.. soothing, calming, gentle action like the gentle swing of a hammock.

Mentally..lifting off stress with a light singing whisper, soft focus. Healing without trauma, just carried away by the breeze  leaving no scar. above, helium healing. The soft loving gentle touch of a Doe’s nose. Feather light lifting up and away of pain and things that no longer serve done with fingers of air.  I wouldn’t give it to a Liberian to wear for any period of time cos they’d just float off in their own wonderful cloud of airy vagueness.  Jacqueline Watson-moul.

Helen found Strawberry quartz has the softness of the Divine Feminine,  bringing her wisdom.  It feels sacred,  the milky  crystals with the darker threads have that Grounding quality,  “I will soothe you,  hold you,  comfort.  I will bring you back into your body,  into the vessel of the divine feminine.”  Gentle wholeness,  soft tranquility.  

The sparkly Crystals have a higher vibrations for me.  My sparks lift and transform,  breaking up heavy sense energies.  I filter into every part of you,  stimulating the heart,  animator of life force…. Filled with the energy of the cosmos… Expanding the wisdom of the heart  

I have the milky and more sparkly,  I find them quite different yet with the same thread of gentle loving energy.  

Helen Spedding offers a her amazing skills as a healer in Norfolk, UK- her Facebook page is

Cally found Strawberry Quartz brought a safe reassuring feeling of “hearing my regular breath and heart beating strongly.  Reassuring and relaxing. Heart beat speeded up and became irregular, but still felt confident to trust the stone, trust my heart, trust universe.  Dark earthy knowledge the heartbeat is strong and to trust in universe – take time and meditate. After putting down the stone I felt inspired to use it again later to meditate, knowing it would be a friend to me”. 

Another attunement with Strawberry Quartz felt calming, sinking down into the earth and deep inside myself, again being encouraged to take ‘time out’ to heal, to snuggle down and be loved. 

Sleeping with Strawberry Quartz, I experienced vivid dreams and waking remembering them clearly. They seemed so real, I woke up feeling angry, irritated and not knowing what to do, or why I couldn’t be understood. They just ‘didn’t get it’.

Key words for Strawberry Quartz

Strong, stable, grounding, trusting. Using Earth energies to comfort, reassure and heal.  Also confusing, showing past anxieties.

Cally is currently showcasing her collection of beautiful Cornish Agates at events and festivals in the Uk. She doesn’t yet have a business page you can follow her on, but I will add it when she does.

Another lovely member of our group – Jan, didn’t have her notes but found me some published writing about Strawberry Quartz. 

Cassandra Eason author of The Complete Crystal Bible  -found Strawberry Quartz to be 

“A gentle comforting crystal associated with the Mother Goddess. Good for mothers of large families to enjoy the happy special moments, comforting when away from home. For self- nurturing after a prolonged period of being there for everyone else.  Increases self- esteem for those who come from over-critical families.”

Well that explains some of why I love it so much!!

Sue Weaver our esteemed Crystal Teacher who is leading and guiding us on our discovery of the wonders of Crystals writes 

Strawberry Quartz is one of my favourite crystals, yet it is rarely written about. It has always been included in the Cornwall School of Crystal Healing Diploma for its unique energies. It is a silvery-greyish pink! It often has grey to black markings, and is frequently confused with Rhodonite because of the colour similarity. The sheen is quite different, however, as is the energy frequency. Strawberry Quartz is quiet and unassuming. It has a gentle but deeply spiritual energy with a lovely mystical deep wisdom. I often think of nuns and monks – living a simple life of prayer and devotion. It is soothes the heart and mind and can help us to find peace and comfort in stillness and solitude. It can help us to be self-contained and settled in our physical bodies, and to find simple joy in the basic routine tasks of life. This is a wonderful stone for those who ‘want to be spiritual’ and resist being in the body, failing to understand that the physical is sacred too!
Sue Weaver can be contacted through her page Sue Weaver Crystals (I’ve noticed she has some lovely Strawberry Quartz hearts for sale in her next online Crystal Barn Market on Wednesday 8th February – click here to join 

I absolutely love hearing how others experience the energy of Crystals in different ways.  It depends hugely on who we are, what we are experiencing in our lives at that moment and what needs healing in our life.  As you can see we all had varying responses, though I feel there is a strong and consistent theme of love.

I find during attunements that I experience sensations in different parts of my body that the particular Crystal can help with, and the crystals can expose parts of my life that I need to give more attention.

Summarising all our experiences with Strawberry Quartz,- some key words and themes are

Fun, bliss, joy, gentle, loving, soothing, healing, uplifting, self-love, self-acceptance, self-nurturing, safe, reassuring. 


I hope you enjoyed reading about our shared experiences.

With Love and Crystal Blessings

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8 Tips For Surviving Sleep Deprivation

8 tips for surviving sleep deprivation. 

Sleep deprivation is a killer.  You feel awful, look worse, have no patience, and it can drain the joy from your life.

I don’t think I’ve had a full nights sleep in over 9 years.  I had awful pregnancy insomnia with my firstborn – who is nearly 9 (eek where did that time go?!). 

I’ve co-slept with, and breastfed all my babies – my younger 3 all had lip ties which meant they could only feed laying down.  This meant they mostly fed at night.

Tiredness has not been kind to my looks lol!

So, I’ve 9 years practice in survival.

Here’s what gets me through.

1. Keeping hydrated.  I know, it’s a bit boring.  But being dehydrated makes you feel dizzy, lightheaded and weak.  Drinking plenty really helps.  Have a bottle of water you can carry around to remind you. 

2. Micro-sleeps.  Sometimes, even with 4 young children there are moments of calm.  Yes they are rare, but they happen.  Use them!   My children do not like seeing me asleep.  But, if they’re all busy, I can put a blanket over my face  -they don’t notice that for some reason, and catch a few zzzzzs.  Note- I baby proofed my home long ago – always do that first.

3. Have a shower.  Water is so restorative.  Showers are full of negative ions, which have been found to help fatigue. Plus, it feels good to be clean. Have a lovely zingy aromatherapy shower gel to uplift you even more.

4. Drop your standards.  If you’re too tired to tidy up, then don’t.  And be kind to yourself.  Your mental well being is far more important than a tidy house.  If you can’t bear to sit in the mess, get a big broom, sweep everything into a corner and cover it up with a rug. This isn’t forever.

5. If you have the energy- get outside.  Even if it’s just in your garden, or your back door step.  Take ten deep breaths.  Notice how good breathing deeply feels.  It will also energise you.

6. If you’ve got friends and family, then invite them round.  Nothing passes the time better than good company.  Can they come over and help you get out the house, to the park, the woods, a cafe?

7. Food.  Sleep deprivation makes you hungry.  Try and remember to eat regularly.  If you forget, then your body will crave the most energy high food possible- for me this was cake.  I love cake (and would never say don’t eat cake!) but I ate too much, and in the long term this isn’t healthy.  

8. Crystals – my favourite Crystals for energising me are 

Citrine– it’s golden ray naturally uplifts and boosts your energy and mood, 

Green Aventurine– has a happy, optimistic feel good energy, 

 Carnelian– gives you the motivation to get up and moving , 

Amethyst– has a mind calming energy- really helpful for that “wired” feeling, 

Red Jasper – has a real physically supportive energy, strong and supportive, 

Garnet– a really excellent Root Chakra stone that stimulates and regenerates your physical body, 

Baltic Amber and it’s sunshine energy will always make you feel better. 

I hope some of these ideas help you.  You will get through the day, you always have, just like I did.

2015-09-02 14.53.47

Lots of love 

Iris Bluebird

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