Green Crystals for Spring and How They Can Help You


Green Crystals For Spring

If any colour epitomises the essence of Spring it is Green.  Green is the colour of the fresh new shoots of Spring bursting into life in our Gardens, Woodlands and Parks.  Green is nature, growth, expansion, and equilibrium.    It is the colour of our Heart Chakra, bringing harmony, balance, hope and joy into our lives.  It’s also my daughter’s favourite colour, she was a little Spring baby. 

The Primrose Fairy


I absolutely love Spring.  I welcome it into our family home, by always making sure we have plenty of fresh Daffodils, Narcissus and Tulips inside.  We have a Seasons table in our main living area.  I use a colourful silk over a table (hand dyed by Arwen Makes we have a different colour for each season).  On top I place a couple of seasonal books  – this month we have Spring ( a picture only board book by Gurda Muller), and a bird watching book.  I decorate it with little wooden woodland animals, and last month I splashed out on some beautiful felt Spring Flower Fairies.   We also add anything we gather on our days outs and walks.  I’m not too anal about it, once we had a chip on it from a pub lunch that my son wanted to add (was quite amazing as it never got mouldy).

Our Spring Season Table

To be honest the children aren’t that impressed by the Seasons table.  They prefer playing Halo lego, or shooting each other with Nerf Guns.  But, I like bringing beauty and nature into our house, and I’m sure this will imprint upon their memories of their cosy childhood in some way. 

I think it’s really important, that we keep our connection to the things we love, even if our children don’t share it.  I lost mine for a couple of years, feeling if the children weren’t interested I wouldn’t bother.  By doing this I felt lost who I was.  I’m very happy to report I have found myself again.  It was a lovely awakening for me to see I could love and support my children’s interests and passions as well as my own.

One thing we all enjoy is collecting Wild Garlic from the woods.  I love making a Risotto and adding Wild Garlic in place of Spinach with masses of Parmesan (or Gran Padano from Lidl).  And Wild Garlic Pesto too (which is the most spectacular shade of green) – which freezes really well and I dollop onto pasta all year round.  Naturally, I am the only person in the house who actually eats it…. 

Gathering Wild Garlic

It’s no coincidence that Wild Garlic, Nettles and Dandelions are all at their best in Spring, and all wonderful natural tonics to detoxify and strengthen our body after the excesses of Winter.  Nature gives us what we need, when we need it.  Read about my Spring detox here.  I have dandelions aplenty in my garden, so add them to my juices or tea.  I love Susun Weed’s books for inspiration and recipes for making our own herb or weed infusions. 

Green Crystals (Part 2)

Green Crystals all have similar and overlapping energies and benefits for us.  Detoxifying, connection with Nature, hope, optimism and balance are all strong themes.  I wrote about Peridot, Green Aventurine, Jade, Bloodstone, and Green Moss Agate in my last blog-Which Crystals Support Your Spring Detox.


Here’s some Green Crystals for You


clockwise from top: Malachite, Chrysoprase, Emerald, Green Fluorite, Seraphinite, Green Aventurine.


1.Emerald – the birth stone for May, emanates the beautiful Green Ray of the heart Chakra.  This connects you to the frequency of Divine love, bringing the energy of gentleness hope, love and compassion (Naisha Ahsian).  It opens us to love, joy and abundance and is a great tonic for mind, body and spirit (Sue Weaver). It is calming, cleansing and harmonising.

2.Seraphinite is a slightly more glamorous trade name for clinochore.  Naisha Ahsian writes

“on a physical level , it seems to act like fertiliser on grass, causing a flush of pure healing energy. Seraphinite’s purpose is to bring Light into the body, expressing it through us as glowing health”. 

Michael Gienger writes

“Seraphinite has a reinforcing and detoxifying effect on the liver and kidneys, helps us unwind, relieves stress, and brings a great sense of well-being”.

As it’s new name suggests Seraphinite is believed to resonate strongly with all levels of the angelic domain (Robert Simmons).

3.Malachite is a strongly protective stone.  It’s vibration melts constrictive energy patterns and brings calm and emotional balance.  It can help you to discover your inner strength, overcome difficulty and the bring you the confidence to be yourself, and express your inner power.  Malachite is also believed to strengthen the Liver and aid detoxification (Michael Gienger).

4.Green Fluorite harmonises the heart with the mind, helping our thoughts, words and actions become aligned to heart energy (Naisha Ahsian).  It can cleanse and heal the heart chakra  (Robert Simmons), is good for cleansing the chakras and helps mild emotional upsets (Philip Permutt).

5.Chrysoprase has a general “feel better” energy, thats supports cleansing and detoxification, bringing calm, and helping you sleep more deeply (Simon and Sue Lilly).  As well as supporting physical detoxification, Chrysoprase can help detox unwelcome thoughts and emotions.  It helps you deal with oppressive images or recurrent nightmares (Michael Gienger).  Naisha Ahsian writes (beautifully as ever)

“ Chrysoprase reminds one of sunlight falling through fresh, new spring leaves. It carries an energy of growth and ripening promise”.   

I hope your Spring is full of joy and beautiful memory making.

With Love and Crystal Blessings

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