Interview with Rebecca Kane


I’m really excited about this


I love the feeling when I meet someone new, exciting and inspiring all at once.

At the moment, this is almost always online for me, but as an introvert (I love people, but find being social quite exhausting) this is more than cool.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw on a Facebook group I’m on, a mama talking about her new set of Abundance Crystal Oracle Cards.

You may know by now, just how addicted I am to oracle cards. But that combination of Abundance, Crystals and Oracles was just too much for me to contain myself over!

I had no sense of self-control as I click clicked my way to her page and bought a set of these cards. I then had a nosey at the website, and saw that she was an energy healer, and womens mentor, and all round inspiring person.

I know that you love my Tuesday Crystal Card readings, and thought it would be totally amazing for us to find out about Rebecca, who created these cards.

I was thrilled that she said yes she was happy for me to interview her, so without further ado, here is Rebecca Kane- Spiritual Adventurer!

1. What led you to your path in Energy Medicine? 

Growing up, my mum used to receive energy healing from a lady down the road, so although I didn’t really ‘get it’ when I was younger, I’ve always been quite open to it.

Then when I was 20 yrs old, for no apparent reason, I suddenly developed very severe eczema. Not just a few flaky patches of skin, but my arms, legs, face and torso were bright red, weeping and shedding skin like I’d never seen before. After several trips to the Dr’s and many creams and ointments tried with no success, I was advised to visit a Kinesiologist. I’d never heard of this before (it was about 18 years ago), and at first I resisted. Instead choosing to cut out the usual suspects from my diet. I stopped eating wheat, sugar and dairy and it made no difference to my skin at all.

Eventually I went to see the Kinesiologist, and despite my scepticism that someone ‘wiggling my arm’, and asking me to think things would make any difference, it did. My skin started to clear up!After it had completely healed I booked myself on to the next Kinesiology course, as I had to find out how this ‘weird’ therapy worked. I’ve been practising ever since and am still just as amazed by the life changing results that my clients experience, with this very gentle therapy.

2. Do you have a special interest in working with crystals, or are they another part of your energy healing toolkit?

I’ve always had an interest in crystals. I’d read a lot about their properties, but hadn’t really experienced them until nearly 20 years ago. I grew up in Cornwall (a town called Looe), a friend of mine lived in Newquay and invited me to a Mind Body Spirit fair being held there.

I’d never been to one before and didn’t know what to expect. I went along to a workshop held by Simon and Sue Lily on crystal nets. There were large pieces of coloured cloth laid out on the floor, with various crystal grids arranged on them. I was in the queue to try one of them, when I was intuitively called to try another one. I’d only been laying down for about 30 seconds when tears started streaming down my face, and then I heard a crack and felt a huge release. At the time this all seemed very weird to me – more so as everyone else seemed to be staring at me!

After I came out of the crystal grid, I looked at what the particular grid I was laying in was for, and it was about re-aligning the physical body.The year before I had broken my coccyx in a snowboarding accident – and it had been in this area that I had experienced the ‘crack’!

In my kinesiology work, crystal essences come up a lot. I have an affinity with crystals and the plant and mineral kingdom.

3. Why do you especially love working with women?

I love working with women! There’s something magical about bringing women together and watching them reclaim their intuition and come home to their power.
I’ve been honoured to work with 100’s and 100’s of women over the past two decades, and recently I have completed my Red Tent Facilitator training to work with women at an even deeper level. 

I think we are in a wonderful time of evolution for women, I believe the power inside of us is just starting to wake up and it’s calling us to make a stand for ourselves. This isn’t anti-men at all, but very much an awakening of the Feminine inside of us all. 

Although this can seem like a leap into the unknown, I think it’s essential for the health and well-being of every women on the planet to listen to this call and begin to honour ourselves much more and allow ourselves to listen to The Wise Women inside of us, so that we can begin to live our potential and our desires, as we remember who we really are.

4. Were you always naturally intuitive, or is this something you developed?

I’ve always been naturally intuitive, although when I was a child I didn’t know that’s what it was. I was often called an ‘Old Soul’ or ‘wise beyond my years’ by the adults in my life.

As I’ve worked with it more I have become very intuitive. When I’m working with my clients I can often see, hear and feel the real issues behind their symptoms or blocks in their lives – although this can sound strange to tell people, it actually feels very normal to me, and when I share these experiences with my clients, they can always relate to them and how it shows up in their lives.

5. What does abundance mean to you?

To me Abundance is a feeling I experience when I feel connected and in flow with life. It’s when I feel safe and secure knowing that my needs are fully met and taken care of. It’s the joy that I feel being able to share so much, knowing that I am sharing from a ‘full cup’ that is overflowing. It’s knowing that there is more than enough for everyoneand that me experiencing it, isn’t taking it away from anyone else. Like enjoying the warmth of the sun, when I feel the rays of the sun on me, it doesn’t mean there’s less for anyone else, it’s there for everyone to enjoy.

I particularly feel abundant when I’m in nature, no matter what the season. In nature I feel connected to something much greater than me, everything has its place, and although it’s constantly changing there’s a reassurance in the cycles of the seasons and I know thateverything is already taken care ofand all of my needs are far more than just met.

6. How can we use your cards to bring us more abundance?

The cards have specifically been designed to bring a focus to your own relationship with abundance and prosperity. Often we can be playingold patterns that we aren’t even aware of. Patterns that we may have learnt as we grew up, often they can be so ingrained that we can’t see them, even after much soul searching.

The Abundant SHEro cards are your guides. They offer an overview of what patterns are currently playing out for you and offer you suggestions on what you can do to release these patterns and improve your relationship with abundance.

Each SHEro has an associated crystal mandala that has been activated with energy medicine to help you release the patterns that are holding you back so you canexperience prosperity.

Rebecca can be found at Your Shero’s journey  I’ve been catching up with all her gorgeous Podcasts whilst  creating some exciting new goodies in time for Christmas.

I should be receiving my cards-in a sparkly gold envelope I’m told, some time next week- lets hope in time for next weeks Card readings.

With Much Love and Crystal Blessings

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