How to keep the energy light and bright in your living area


How to keep the energy clean in your living area


One question I am often asked is how to keep the energy light in your living area.

Ideally, the first thing you would do, is keep the area clutter free, as clutter does stop the energy flowing.  But I’m a home educating mother of four.

Realistically, although I love clear and minimalist looking spaces, my children aren’t that bothered.  They need and enjoy their wide range of toys.  And I’m too busy/not that inclined enough to keep tidying.

Clean is also good.  I try, I really do, and I have spurts where I clean, and dust and hoover. Other times I get my husband to.   But the next day it is a mess again.

So after decluttering and cleaning (or not), the fun can begin.

My favourite way is firstly to smudge.  I use Californian White Sage, though you can use local dried herbs to do this.  I light it, wait for it to smoke, hold an Abalone shell underneath, and waft the smoke around the room with a big feather I bought from a Shamen.  My children love to help with this too.  Make sure you waft the smoke into all the dark corners, and nooks and crannies.

Then, I put 2 sets of 3 clear quartz points, in two different parts of the room, pointing into the room.  Even better would be to use large generator points, but they’re expensive and this is an affordable alternative.  These should be cleansed at least weekly.

This keeps the energy in our Living Space clean and clear.  The next time I find my self a bit grumpy, stressy and impatient with the children, I repeat.

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Much Love and Crystal Blessings

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