Adult Amber

Grounding Bracelet


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Super charge your jewellery with Essential Oils. Simply add a couple of drops of your favourite Essential Oil to the Lava beads to create a sensory aromatherapy experience.

Product Description

Grounding, protecting and energising


Black Tourmaline- to protect and purify your energy field from negative energy (your own or from others)

Smokey Quartz to cleanse and clear our aura, and ground and centre your energy.

Garnet to ground and root our energy so that it is difficult for negative energies to affect you, plus benefit your physical love lives and relationships

Optionally add Aromatherapy Lava beads for a sensory Aromatherapy experience.  Inhale the beautiful aroma for an extra boost throughout the day.

Essential Oils that will compliment these Crystals, are Vetiver, Balance Blend.

I am a wellness advocate for doTerra and you can order Essential Oils through me here


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