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Mother Goddess


A bracelet made with Crystals selected especially to nurture the mother.  Choose elasticated, Shamballa style clasp, or Sterling Silver Toggle or Carabiner Clasp.

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Product Description

Feeling drained and depleted in every way?  You can’t remember the last time you ate a meal or went to the loo or had a shower uninterrupted.  Sleep, that’s a distant memory.  It feels like you don’t have time to breathe, let alone drink a full cup of tea.

Crystals can help support and nurture you during this intensely wonderful but exhausting time in your life.    Wearing the Mother Goddess bracelet is the perfect way to reap the benefits of these specially selected crystals, with minimal effort.

Larimar- calming and self-nurturing.   Cleanses emotions, releasing stress and worry.

Moonstone-the archetypal feminine stone is balancing and soothing to the emotions, and calms over reactions to triggers. 

Chalcedony is calming, centering and soothing for the over active mind and traditionally associated with breastfeeding.

Rose Quartz – teaches us unconditional love for  ourselves.  Too often we feel we aren’t good enough, and we’re failing as a parent.  Working with Rose Quartz improves self-love, self worth, and self-forgiveness.

Lepidolite is deeply relaxing, calms nerves and relieves stress and worry.  It releases fears of the unknown and concerns about the future, so you can live in the present.

Amber is a sunshine stone (a resin not a crystal) and increases general vitality and energy levels.   Amber is also very gentle and soothing. It helps absorb and transmute negativity and overcome emotional blockages.

I never knew amber had such a positive and calming effect on me until i took it off. Once my baby was born (and able to grab) I asked Iris Bluebird to make me a bracelet as I could feel the dark clouds rolling back in now that I couldn’t wear my necklace for fear of it getting broken. The stones she chose have been nothing less than life changing, on a spiritual level its like the bracelet sings to my heart, I have never felt so positive and uplifted. Since wearing it the dark clouds are gone and I can see sunshine again. The beautiful colours of the gems as they catch the light cheer me up as well knowing that it is away from chubby little hands.


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