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Passion Booster


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Product Description

A complete lack of Sex- drive is something most of us experience at different Seasons of our Life.  After having a baby, we are often way too tired to even consider it.  But even when they’re older, and life’s getting easier it’s disappointing to find our passion levels are no-where to be found.

I’ve created this bracelet with the intention of getting you and your mojo back on track.

Garnet- for stimulating your Root Chakra and your physical desires and passion.

Red Jasper – to activate and bring back your sexual interest.

Smokey Quartz- to absorb any negative vibrations, it’s important to feel positive.

Rose Quartz- to open your heart to gentle love for yourself and your partner. 

Amber- to dissolve any emotional blockages that may be getting in the way. 

Optionally add Aromatherapy Lava beads for a sensory Aromatherapy experience.  Inhale the beautiful aroma for an extra boost throughout the day.

Essential Oils that will compliment these Crystals, are Ylang Ylang, or Passion Blend.

I am a wellness advocate for doTerra and you can order Essential Oils through me here



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