Rhodonite Love Series #4




Rhodonite is another Pink Ray stone, which means it carries the energy of Divine Love.

I almost always pair it with Rhodochrosite, as the two work so harmoniously together.  Rhodochrosite does the work of helping you discover your lost and hidden gifts, whilst Rhodonite helps you to actually use them – for the good of all (Simmons and Ahsian 2007)

Lacking in Self-Worth?

In this way, Rhodonite helps give you a sense of purpose.  By doing whatever you do that can help others, you can increase your self value and worth.   For example, you may discover that you are an amazing listener.  You can use this skill to support friends and families, work on a helpline, or train as a counsellor.   It is a great stone to support learning and development (Ahsian 2007).  The sense of fulfilment and purpose you will get from this will hugely increase your self-worth. You will feel happier, and your heart will feel expansive and full of love.

It is a great stone to support learning and development (Ahsian 2007).  So, if you are feeling at a bit of a cross roads in life, not sure what your purpose is or what to do next, try working with Rhodonite.

Broken Hearted?

Rhodonite is also a good stone to use if you have a broken heart, either from loss of a relationship or friendship.

It can help you release any festering anger and resentment (that are almost certainly doing you more harm than the other person).  This is ideal if you’re caught up in plotting your revenge!!!

It can also facilitate mutual understanding, resolve conflicts and strengthen friendships (Gienger 2009).  This could be especially helpful if you are involved in a difficult break up with the father of your children.

Bad News?

Rhodonite can also be supportive if you feel panic or have had shocking news.  It’s gentle pink ray can assist with your emotional healing (Hall 2003)

No Energy?

And one more thing, Rhodonite is wonderful at supporting the flow of Chi through your body (Ahsian 2007). This means in everyday speak, that it can give your energy levels a much needed boost.

What do I do with it?

Ways you can work with Rhodonite include wearing it as jewellery, carrying around a tumble stone , making gem water (though should never be boiled), meditating whilst holding it.

I like to use intentions when I work with crystals. So think of what you would like to achieve and write it down, read this frequently whilst holding, wearing or sipping your gem water.

Sending you lots of heart healing love and Crystal Blessings

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